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The Clubhouse Sweat Studio offers unrivalled small group fitness sessions, unparalleled personal training & an approach that inspires & ignites! It’s your club that gives you every class!

We offer a unique & innovative method into human movement & training in an approachable and supportive setting. We combine knowledge and experience in athletic performance to drive your success through our Clubhouse culture and mindful design. MOVE BEYOND... the one size 'fits all' approach to fitness, where individual goals are accelerated through group intensity .


Stronger, leaner, faster—whatever your goals, the benefits are endless. With our beyond the ordinary approach you will experience but definitely not limited too:

• Significant fat loss and maximum caloric burn (600-1000 cals/class)
• Lean muscle definition
• Improved Cardiovascular & muscular endurance, strength & power
• Injury prevention
• Increased speed, velocity, core strength, agility & reactivity
• Better balance, coordination & motor control

Clubhouse Sweat will help you be better equipped to do what you love to do and face your own life challenges with confidence – whether you are playing on the field or court, training for a race, relieving stress from a demanding career, or seeking more energy to play with your children or grandchildren.

New Member Benefits:

• Complimentary Fitness Assessment 
• Complimentary Personal Training session
• 15% off your first purchase of any Clubhouse Apparel

The Clubhouse | benefits


Your goal, is our goal.

Leave everything you thought you knew about training at the door.

We’ll be in contact ASAP to get you SWEATING!

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1/124 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle, WA 6159